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From basic chemical atoms to global practical solutions: MAS and Technal France success story How it began: Where others saw Aluminum, Tehcnal saw future… As one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum, TECHNAL imagines everything and anything beyond limits to provide premium aluminum solutions for living architecture using a sustainable methodology. With 60 years of [...]
Along with the roof, facades are one of the most important sections of a building, as it acts as the primary barrier to external elements such as sun and rain that could damage the building structure. Facades have a significant impact on the appearance of a building as they are the first thing we notice [...]
What Future Aluminum Holds?   The aluminum industry is the largest in the world, annually producing more than 22 billion pounds of metal worth nearly $40 billion. Aluminum is in fact, a versatile metal with many unique properties that make it a highly desirable material. Lightweight, resistance to corrosion, high strength, and recyclability have made [...]