MAS and Technal France success story

From basic chemical atoms to global practical solutions: MAS and Technal France success story

How it began: Where others saw Aluminum, Tehcnal saw future…

As one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum, TECHNAL imagines everything and anything beyond limits to provide premium aluminum solutions for living architecture using a sustainable methodology.
With 60 years of experience, Technal has been offering solutions for windows, doors, sliders, facades, and more through its network of certified aluminum manufacturers and installers.
With its sleek designs and fresh approach, Technal satisfies the highest architectural aspirations and through its tailor-made solutions, meets the aesthetic and comfort requirements of its partners.
Technal is certified in ISO 9001 since 1993 which is proof of its dedication and commitment to quality.
Technal products are manufactured in accordance with UNE-EN standards and comply with the QUALANOD, QUALICOAT, and QUALIMARINE labels.

It is all about the mentality: “In a nutshell, Aluminum is a way of life!”

Technal responds to the construction challenges the world faces on a daily basis due to its worldwide recognized knowledge and more inventive and powerful solutions, resulting in creative and intelligent architecture. Technal’s driving force is its imagination and way of doing things. It allows her to move forward, innovate, and inspire.
For Technal, design is more than just an aesthetic consideration but rather a constant preoccupation that includes functionality, environmental sensitivity, ergonomics, energy efficiency, integration, and, of course, a big dose of individuality.
For nearly 60 years, innovation has been one of the brand’s founding pillars. Offering moreeffective solutions to meet energy efficiency requirements, well-being, and acoustic comfort needs of occupants is our primary concern.
Technal quality is the best because it is based on multidisciplinary expertise. This means that all aspects of the products are considered; from concept and raw materials, design and colors, to accessories and finishes. This unique approach has put it ahead of the competition and made it the best in business.
As a market leader, with its excellence, know-how, one-of-a-kind design, and forward-thinking vision, Technal has set the bar high in France and around the world creating durable aluminum solutions designed to inspire contemporary architecture.
Technal’s solutions can be tailored to each project, linking indoor and outside spaces with huge dimensions, pure design, and maximum performance and efficiency to fulfill the diverse needs of both the construction residential and commercial markets, from new modern constructions to renovations.

Technal Products: The best in terms of Security & Privacy

Technal France provides a comprehensive variety of Aluminum products, the kind of high-end products you don’t see anywhere!

Curtain Walls

The largest glazing units with the lowest environmental impact, new curtain walls aluminum systems for designing modern buildings, advanced and smooth curtain walling, creative curtain walls… Technal France offers all of this and more!

Windows and Patio Doors

Whether you’re looking for a minimal opening frame or a visible opening sash both with a refined style and a high performance, or whether you need contemporary aluminum and glass louver systems for natural ventilation and sun protection, Technal France has it all!

Sliding Systems

Sliding systems are becoming more and more popular in the contemporary commercial and residential world. Ever wondered why? Well, first of all, because of their ability to cover large dimensions while being thin and flat yet extremely strong with high thermal performance.
Designed with simplicity, sliding systems are known for their diversity of forms and applications.

Sliding Panels - MAS Aluminum

Sliding Panels – MAS Aluminum


For those who don’t know what a balustrade is, they sure have encountered at least one in their life. a balustrade is a row of vertical railings running band often made of glass and topped by a horizontal rail that can be found lining many staircases, balconies, and terraces. The balustrade has many uses, including preventing people from falling down stairwells and enclosing an area for extra privacy.
Technal France offers balustrading systems with countless opportunities in minimalist lines.

Balustrades - MAS Aluminum

Balustrades – MAS Aluminum

Solar Protections

The most famous solar protection that Technal France has is the Aluminum sun shading blades for facade cladding. Be it blinds, sliding shutters, or hinged shutters, they make effective privacy and solar protection shutters. For curtain walling that is aesthetically pleasing, tier product Pergola could be your best bet. It is designed ideally for contemporary and more traditional constructions offering protection of the facades and outdoor furniture from sun and rain alteration, high temperature, and sun regulation.

Solar Protections - MAS Aluminum

Solar Protections – MAS Aluminum


What about conservatories for the perfect convivial living space with classic design and reinforced insulation, minimalist aesthetic flat roofs keeping up with the latest architectural trends with a flat appearance on the inside and salient on the outside? Now you know what to do with your roof and whom to call!

Conservatories - MAS Aluminum

Conservatories – MAS Aluminum

An infinity of interior design solutions: :  Shop and Office Fittings

In today’s business world, shops and offices are most concerned about practical sleek solutions or their professional fittings combining simplicity and versatility. Technal France offers hinged, sliding, rolling ad folding doors, display cases, tables, and desks. Elegant and modern, their Opale range is designed for a range of different markets: hospitals, offices, commercial premises, museums, etc.
Not only all of these solutions are waterproof, but also some come bulletproof, soundproof, and fireproof to add that extra layer of security and privacy.

Technal has been MAS’s partner in success across Nigeria!

To transfer that aluminum and glass legacy and spread it out all across Nigeria, Mas trusts Technal France to manufacture some of its products. Technal and Mas have been inseparable partners for several years now. Technal has continuously supported Mas and played an essential role in making MAS one of the best aluminum manufacturers in Nigeria. Get a free quotation now!